About Fairhaven School

At Fairhaven we pride ourselves in our school and our facilities.

Such as:

  • Heated pool
  • Hall and stage
  • Whare Kotahitanga
  • 3x playgrounds (Junior, Middle & Senior)
  • Library
  • Cricket nets and pitch
  • Netball and basketball courts
  • Sand pits
  • Large field area (Rugby, soccer, etc.)
  • Shade areas

2024 Teaching Staff Organisation

Paul Hunt – Principal
Sandra Cross – Deputy Principal – Year 3 – 6
Tatai Takuira-Mita – Deputy Principal – Year 1 – 2  & Toitoi Manawa

Totara Pod

Year 4, 5 & 6

Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Year 4 & 5 Alicia Best – Room 2 (Kahui Ako Within School Teacher)
Year 5 & 6 Dana Piggott – Room 3
Year 5 & 6 Seamus Collins – Room 4 (Sports Coordinator)
Year 5 & 6 Taryn Furnell – Room 5 ( Digital Curriculum Lead)
Kayla Carroll & Jaala Poihipi – Room 6 (Pod Leader/Kahui Ako Across School Lead)

Rata Pod

Year 3 & 4

Rooms 13, 14, 21, 22

Jeanette Crawford – Room 13
David Scown- Room 14 (Pod Leader)
Emily Corfield  & Delwyn Weaver (0.3) – Room 21
Trish Hunt – Room 22 (Indian Dance)

Tawa Pod

Year 1 & 2

Rooms 11, 12, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15

Year 2 Sandra Hollinshead- Room 11 
Year 2 Jay Morrison – Room 12
NE & Year 1 – Manday Miller – Room 7
NE – Michelle Paterson – Room 8 (Pod Leader)
Year 1 – Claudia Jones – Room 9
NE & Year 1 – Maddison Goodwin – Room 10
Year 2 – Claire Turner – Room 15

Toitoi Manawa

Māori Immersion

Rooms 17, 18, 19, 20

Te Rea – Year 0 – 2 Hollie Hauraki – Room 20
Te Tipu – Year 2 – 3 Nita Takiari – Room 18
Te Pihinga – Year 4 – Patuara Biel – Room 17
Te Māhuri – Year 4 – 6 Pania Ririnui Room 19
Pod Leader – Tatai Takuira-Mita

Learning Support Coordinator: Liz Logan
ORS Specialist Teacher: Janelle Hungerford
Reading Recovery Teacher & ORS Spealist Teacher: Nicola Gibbons
Classroom Teacher Release: Natasha Amadio, Helen Williams and Kimberly Petri

What makes Fairhaven School a great place to learn and grow?

  • Caring, supportive, experienced & dedicated Staff
  • Modern classroom environments
  • A wide variety of extracurricular activities and experiences to develop your child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • The use of technologies to assist with learning. A range of devices, depending on the year level, including ipads and chromebooks
  • Great facilities — Heated swimming pool, large hall, Whare Kotahitanga, large fields, library, 3x playgrounds, cricket nets and pitch, sand pits, shade areas etc.
  • Awesome opportunities and support for children
  • Fantastic parent participation and support

Nat van der Merwe

I am writing this to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of the staff at Fairhaven. Our journey started 2 years ago. They say 1st impressions last, well I was approached by a very friendly, sincere gentleman on the day that I enrolled my kids and to my surprise it was the principal Mr Hunt. What is most impressive to me is that until today he is that same friendly man who is approachable to kids.

I am always looking forward to hear how my kids’ day went at school as there is always a story to tell! Thanks for all the care and support from the dedicated teachers! On a daily basis I can testify to an incredible team at Fairhaven! Fairhaven creates a secure atmosphere for the kids to dream, strive and achieve which ultimately produces happy confident children.

Thank you for equipping them to form healthy relationships and to develop their EQ.

Fairhaven you rock!

Monica Stevens

Fairhaven school have helped nurture my children into excited busy little people. They come home happy, eager to share all the great things they have experienced and learnt that day.

I have watched my children, who were once very shy, blossom. They are confident, outgoing and goal driven, constantly striving to do better. All their achievements are celebrated and acknowledged.

The teachers are always encouraging and supportive to both parents and children. I as a parent always feel included and valued and I know my children do too.

Fairhaven is a wonderful school, a school that values and supports their pupils pushing them to know their worth and potential is unlimited.